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Evan Sauer inside out legal

Welcome Evan Sauer to Inside Out Legal!

Expanding Our Services.  We are thrilled to announce the newest addition to our dynamic legal team, Evan Sauer. Evan brings an unmatched level of talent and expertise to Inside Out Legal, LLC. Evan’s arrival introduces a diverse array of new additional legal service offerings at Inside Out Legal. From commercial real estate to trademark and copyright matters, entity formation, and beyond, Evan’s multifaceted skills enrich our services, empowering us to better serve our valued clients.

A shift in Perspective. At Inside Out Legal, we believe in redefining the client experience. Our mission is to break away from the traditional mold of legal services and provide a refreshing, client-centric approach that prioritizes accessibility, transparency, and trust.

In-House Counsel, On-Demand.  Inside Out Legal operates on the principle of acting as your external in-house counsel, offering the security and accessibility of on-demand legal assistance. With Evan onboard, we’re expanding our team of attorneys who are dedicated to ensuring that you feel confident and supported in safeguarding your business and assets.

Changing the Legal Landscape.  We are passionate about transforming the way people perceive legal help. Through Inside Out Legal, we aim to debunk the myths surrounding legal services, offering a reassuring presence that alleviates fear, uncertainty, and hesitation.  With the introduction of Evan and the additional service offerings he brings to the table, you have access to an even larger group of attorneys available to advocate for your best interest and provide the support you need without unnecessary complexity or exorbitant fees.

Join us in welcoming Evan Sauer to the Inside Out Legal family! Contact us today to schedule a consultation. 

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